Colm Moloney/ Managing Director

Colm MoloneyColm Moloney

BA, MA, MIAI, MIfA, FSA (Scot)

Colm founded Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd (formerly know as Headland Archaeology Ireland) in 2000. He has worked as a professional archaeologist in the UK, France and Ireland since 1988.

Colm was responsible for successfully managing some of the largest archaeological projects undertaken in Europe in recent years, providing archaeological services on sites such as The New Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, The M1-A1 Link Road in North Yorkshire and the M9 Motorway between Carlow and Kilcullen in Ireland, which had a budget of over EUR15m for archaeological works. Colm has published extensively on the archaeology of the UK and Ireland and is currently responsible for the strategic direction of Rubicon and the company’s Edinburgh Office.