Carmelita Troy / Osteoarchaeologist

Carmelita Troy


Carmelita has been with Rubicon Heritage Services as the in-house Osteoarchaeologist since 2006. During this time she has analysed and reported on inhumation and cremation burials from commercial projects in both the UK and Ireland. As head of the department she has worked on and managed significant assemblages, including the medieval cemetery at Ardreigh, Co. Kildare, which was one of the largest excavated in Ireland.

Included amongst her recent UK projects are the large population from Constitution Street, Edinburgh, excavated as part of the Edinburgh Trams Project, and a consultancy role dealing with in excess of 3,000 human remains excavated at Hereford Cathedral, Herefordshire. Carmelita has also published and lectured widely in Britain and Ireland, to universities, fellow professionals and the public.