Preparing the Geophysical Survey in Orkney (Rubicon Heritage)

Prospecting for Archaeology in the Northern Isles

We were recently commissioned to evaluate a proposed housing development near Kirkwall in Orkney. Orkney is one of the richest archaeological landscapes in Britain and therefore there is always high potential for archaeology- with the resulting high risk for developers. Our approach in this case was to carry out a very rapid geophysical survey of [...]

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A Solar Farm (Wikipedia)

Let There Be Light! (But Check for Archaeology First…)

We have just completed an evaluation of our first solar farm in Devon in collaboration with our associates AB Heritage Ltd. These developments are quickly becoming a significant contributor of new sites to the archaeological sector. The sites are often chosen due to their location on south facing slopes on greenfield sites – also a [...]

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StoryMap JS: An Archaeological Journey Along the Carlow Bypass

StoryMap: Visualizing the Story of One Road Scheme’s Archaeology with StoryMap JS

At Rubicon we are always seeking innovative ways of communicating the results of our excavations to wider audiences. It is our view that this type of outreach is an integral part of what archaeology is all about. Recently we have been experimenting with new digital tools in an effort to explore new ways of telling [...]

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Archaeology & Construction in 2014: Early Warnings of A Potential Recovery?

The archaeological profession in both the UK and Ireland has been severely impacted in recent years by recession. This is unsurprising given how closely the fortunes of commercial archaeology are tied to the construction sector- a fall in construction levels led to an equally pronounced decline in archaeological employment. This resulted in an 80% decrease [...]

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Enjoying the view in South Tipperary (Photo: Enda O'Flaherty)

Rubicon Photo of the Week: Taking in the View

This week’s photo was taken on a monitoring job in South Co. Tipperary, where one of our archaeologists took a moment to enjoy the view during the glorious weather that we have been enjoying over recent days. This archaeology lark certainly has it’s moments!

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