Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Trish Long as Managing Director

Trish began work for Rubicon in the position of archaeological Site Assistant in 2003 and immediately proved to be a standout member of the team.  She was very quickly promoted to Site Supervisor as a result of not only being a great archaeologist but also a strong leader with fine-tuned commercial awareness.  Trish became licence eligible in 2006 and has directed numerous large-scale excavations across Ireland.  She has also worked as Senior Archaeologist on a wide variety of multi-million-euro infrastructural developments in both Ireland and the UK.  In addition to managing this wide range of projects, she has committed to reporting, publishing and lecturing on the results of many. 

In tandem with Trish’s contribution to the Operations function of the business, Trish, as a member of the Board of Directors, has immersed herself into the day to day running of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd.  As a member of the Board she keeps strong oversight on Finance, Sales, Logistics and general Business Support and continues, along with other Board Members, to focus on strategy and growth. 

Trish has proven herself to be a dynamic and multi-skilled leader and her appointment to the role of Managing Director is a fitting tribute to her hard work and dedication to date.

The CEO and Board of Management of Red River Archaeology Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd. and Red River Archaeology Ltd. look forward to working with Trish to ensure the beginning of bright and exciting new chapter in our continued development.

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