Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland

Hot of the press at Four Courts is the new Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland, edited by Dr. Vicky McAlister of Southeast Missouri State University and Dr. Terry Barry, Professor of Medieval History at Trinity College, Dublin. The volume is a selection of some of the papers presented at the first three Space and Settlement Conferences which are held annually in Trinity College. Rubicon’s Damian Shiels has a paper included on the topic of ‘Reconstructing Battlefield Landscapes’ which explores how we go about the archaeological analysis of such military sites. There is a special 20% discount price on the volume available until the end of August which you can avail of by filling out the form here: Special Offer Form. The full contents of the volume are as listed below.

Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland

Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland


Lothlind – Benjamin Hudson

The Normans and the Irish Sea World in the Era of the Battle of Clontarf – Patrick Wadden

Studying Early Medieval Irish Urbanization: Problems and Possibilities – Rebecca Wall Forrestal

Fleets, Forts and the Geography of Tiordelbach Ua Conchobair’s Bid for the High-Kingship – Mary Valante

On the Edge of the Colony: Overk and the Carlow Corridor – Linda Shine

The Spatial Dynamic of the Irish Tower House Hall – Rory Sherlock

The Tower Houses of Co. Down: Stylistic Similarity, Functional Difference – Gillian Eadie

The Death of a Tower House? An Examination of the Decline of the Irish Castle Tradition – Vicky McAlister

Deer Parks: Lost Medieval Monuments of the Irish Countryside – Fiona Beglane

The Economic Hinterland of Drogheda in the Later Middle Ages – James A. Galloway

Reconstructing Battlefield Landscapes – Damian Shiels

Conclusion – Terry Barry


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